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Welcome to The Road to Financial Freedom, CamaPlan’s Premiere Podcast! In each episode, you will learn from successful self-directed investors and the people creating wealth-generating investment opportunities for them. Hear their stories, strategies, tactics, and life lessons that shaped their success to build the knowledge they need to achieve financial freedom. Throughout this series, guests share incredible stories and strategies that include but are not limited to: Self-Directed IRAs, Roth IRAs, real estate, notes, investor hospitality, hard money loans, family investing, multi-family, self-storage, investment funds, Fair Market Values, asset protection, funding purchases, mineral and land rights, and tax liens.

About the Hosts

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Michael Duncan


Hey everyone! I'm Michael Duncan, Host of "The Road to Financial Freedom". My goal with this podcast is to learn as much as I can about achieving financial freedom, and helping listeners do the same. I hope to find the most interesting and informative guests I can and help you all understand how they got to where they are now, while you learn how to do the same. I hope you enjoy listening and learning with me!

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For Investors, by Investors…
What began as a small, regional firm dedicated to serving clients in the Northeastern US is now growing into a national presence…
CamaPlan was founded by veteran investors Carl Fischer and Maggie Polisano as a company run “for investors, by investors.” Since its inception, the name “CamaPlan” has come to be synonymous with expertise, flexibility, responsiveness, and diversity of investment choices.

CamaPlan first made its mark in its local market by providing superior client service and expert guidance to investors seeking the freedom and flexibility of a self-directed IRA, and it is now offering the same friendly, personalized service to investors across the country. CamaPlan continues to provide innovative investment opportunities for savvy investors seeking direct control and more choices in how they deploy their investment capital.

As CamaPlan has grown, its commitment to excellent service has remained constant. The heart of CamaPlan is its highly-trained staff, and they are known for being responsive to the needs of individual investors, especially those interested in investing in alternative assets such as precious metals, real estate, mortgage notes, hedge funds, and private placements, just the types of high-yield assets that traditional money managers steer their clients away from.